Thursday, September 17, 2009

I just like bringing this one to the top of the pile every now & then...

I think that writing memoir is the most potent action I can take in this world.

When I sit down to write – not an easy place to get to – I feel all my energies and abilities come into one focus, one laser point – I feel like a bird, pausing in mid-air, then plummeting down into the waves, intent on that one fish that will save it.

I write, then come up for air, then look at what I have unearthed. It usually looks like just a handful of dust, not worth much. I could easily toss it out and forget about it. But I don’t. Not anymore. I add it to the pile. I am not sure what I am building, but this is all I have. For some reason, it is my most precious thing, the one thing that feels purely my own.

(from Experiments In Memoir ~ but relevant here)

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  1. And now my eyes are teary....again.
    I'm such a mush. hehe

    Thank you for so very much validation and inspiration...