Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's a strange feeling to write like this. Like I am writing badly on purpose. Because I do not want to write “well.” If I write “well” I will miss something, I will not discover the part of me that I don't know. And so I on purpose ignore, refute the part of my brain that knows how to do it, the part I would use if I were trying to get a writing job or impress someone. I don't want to write with that part of myself. I want to write without protection.


  1. What popped in my mind (right after I Retweeted your link), is a hunt. And then tracking. I've never hunted or tracked, only read about it and seen some stuff on the screen. The 'right' way to do it is to follow the tracks, droppings, signs...which could lead along a myriad of places....even into a river, disappearing for awhile.

    Thanks for this reminder Marta!


  2. Hi Carol! Yes, I like those images you evoke! Always empowering to hear from you! m

  3. It's so true what you say in this post. There's something so refreshing (for both writer and reader) about the writing without self-consciousness. And yet, I often find myself editing, revising, and sometimes ruining the flow of my writing.